Early Life & Education

SAHIBZAD USMAN, born on 27/12/1989 belongs to a benevolent and well educated family.

His father Alhaj Baba G Khalid Mahmood Makki Madni is well known for his charity, “Selfless Service”  and also a spiritual personality among the society. He is patronized and trained under the guidance of his father. He did his graduation and masters in business studies.

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Business & Family Background

Welfare Works

As the name reflects this NGO is serving the humanity since 20 years. Under the umbrella of KHULQ-E-MUHAMMADI FOUNDATION dozens of welfare works are being done since the time of its establishment:

  • To eradicate and lower down the rate of poverty this organization is funding almost 1500 deserving households in terms of ration, ration cards and financial assistance to widows.
  • Supporting deserving bright students by paying their semester fees.
  • Alhaj Baba G Khalid Mahmood Makki Madni brought Gourmet production units to Glotian Small Industrial Estate which is providing employment to five thousand younger’s of the Daska City.
  • Monthly two hundred deserving persons are getting dialysis services free of cost.
  • Dozens of dispensaries are established in tehsil serving thirty five thousand deserving patients.
  •  Free Ambulance service is  serving in the whole Tehsil Daska.
  • Khulq-e-Muhammadi foundation is also running AAS Center which is a rehabilitation center for drug addicts. In AAS Center almost three hundred drug addicts are rehabilitated since its formation. These former drug addicts are now working and earning livelihood for their families.
  •  Mass weddings programs are arranged every year for the deserving who can’t afford dowry.
  • Khulq-e-Muhammadi is also running the tehsil’s biggest Alms house for the people who can’t afford handful meal. This Makki Madni Alms house feeds almost one to two lacs people monthly.

Contribution towards the welfare of city

Besides their welfare works his family is also contributing towards the welfare of the city:

  • They had donated machinery worth of millions to Municipal Corporation Daska for sanitation.
  • They are also paying salaries to the sanitary workers.
  • Their contribution towards sports and art is also significant. Kabbadi, cricket tournament (DPL), wall painting contest among students are arranged each year.
  • Moreover 14th Aug celebrations are arranged by them to share the love and patriotism for Pakistan

Political Vision

Sahibzada Usman took part in 2018 general elections as an independent candidate for NA-75. He scored 57571 votes and stood on 2nd runner up position. He believes on the politics of “selfless service”. His manifesto was focused around the welfare of NA-75 people. Besides political manifesto he and his father Alhaj Baba G Khalid Mahmood Makki  Madni announced a package for the daska city. It includes the establishment of two schools for 1000 boys and girls with free uniform and books, Vocational training institute for 500 students, Medical College for which land has occupied, University for which land has occupied,  water filtration plants network for whole tehsil daska, old homes, a housing colony for deserving consisting of 300 houses for which land has also occupied and grand ummat-e-muslima mosque for all cast and creeds housing 10,000 Namazi’s at a time. Many of the projects like water filtration plants, laying streets, construction of schools had started up to the date and other will be starting by 2019.