“Access to basic Health Care is one of the most domestic issues facing our nation”

Health care, a joke for wealthy and a nightmare for a poor. Pakistan inherited a health care delivery system that was a heritage of grand British period. This system was in the shape of public health services and some curative services.

In Pakistan there is shortage of nurses, skilled midwives and birth attendants, dentists and pharmacists. As far our city  is concerned the THQ  hospital is the biggest public health facility of the tehsil and more than 1,000 to 1,500 outdoor patients visit it daily for treatment.

There are only one general surgeon, one child specialist and one cardiologist in the hospital and this increases workload on the general surgeons. The surgeon conducts surgeries two days per week. Sometimes the patients have to wait for their surgeries (minor or major) for six months.

These are the some problems that i have mentioned and plenty of them are undercover.In rural areas this situation is more critical and people have to travel   long to reach THQ hospital.

It’s our obligation to raise our voice and stand up to overcome this issue, so that our upcoming generations can have better health care facilities.

As you all knew, I belong to a benevolent family. I Usman Khalid and my father  Alhaj. Baba G khalid Mehmood Makki Madni had always tried to bring the ease in the lives of NA-75’s people. We had already established numerous dispensaries across the NA-75 constituency. We are also going to  establish a state of the art hospital in our city.

But the fact  is, we can’t do this alone. We need your cooperation in terms of your support.On conclusion, I promise you all to bring and provide all the necessary facilities to our city and its citizen’s doorstep.

“Peace be upon Islam

Peace be upon Pakistan”