One of the biggest problems of metropolitan is the traffic blocks they witness every day. The irregular expansion has caused a disrupted road networks in the city.

Lack of public transportation has increased the number of vehicles on roads. With that arises, the next challenge of implementing traffic rules. A lot of people driving on the roads are unaware of these rules.

Traffic blockades are very common in our city as most  roads in our city are two way. Extensions on roads are also the main cause of traffic blockage. We are working with Municipal corporation to tackle these issues.

Now, the question is how the system of traffic can be improved in our city? Good Governance, education, awareness and consciousness can bring a positive change in entire system. We should follow traffic rules to save our time and avoid traffic jams.

We will have to work together to tackle this issue.I Usman Khalid and my father  Alhaj Baba G khalid Mehmood Makki Madni had always tried to bring the ease in the lives of NA-75’s people.

But the fact  is, we can’t do this alone. We need your cooperation in terms of your support.On conclusion, I promise you all to bring and provide all the necessary facilities to our city and its citizen’s doorstep.

“Peace be upon Islam

Peace be upon Pakistan”