Drinkable Water

“Water is necessity of life, lets save this precious resource to save our lives”

Today’s, as we all know Pakistan is facing serious water crisis. Studies reveals that Pakistan is running dry by  2025. Pakistan, an agrarian country seems to be facing desert like situation in coming few years.

As far  our city is concerned, there is not enough drinkable water to meet the thrust of our citizens.In Daska, there are only seven water filtration plants for 440,200 citizens.In rural areas the situation is more critical.

In recent tenures of different political parties and their MNA’s did nothing but speeches on this issue. Even more, existing MNA hadn’t let the Municipal Corporation to install filtration plants by  seizing corporation’s fund.

Now, its our obligation to raise our voice and stand up to overcome this issue, so that our upcoming generations can have handful water to drink.

As you all knew, I belong to a benevolent family. I Usman Khalid and my father Alhaj. Baba G khalid Mehmod Makki Madni had always tried to bring the ease in the lives of NA-75’s people.

On conclusion, I promise you all to bring and provide all the necessry facilities to our city and its citizen’s doorstep.

Thank  You All,